Press Release

Press Release

MacArthur Mortgage Finance Enters Fifth Year of Operations.

A One Stop Shop for all Your Business and Personal Finance Needs
MacArthur Mortgage Finance, the leading mortgage brokers firm has completed 9 years of operations and enters its milestone Tenth year. In the last ten years, the company has served hundreds of individuals, businesses and large corporations in various ways pertaining to their need for finance and have offered assistance for their financial planning.

The Loan Specialist
The company has earned the nickname- “loan specialist’ amongst its customers and not without reason. The team of experienced financial planners guide customers towards the best loan options irrespective of whether they are looking for home loans, business loans or commercial loans.

If you are unsure about your loan eligibility and don’t want to risk non-approval of your loan application, contact MacArthur Mortgage Finance. In fact the company will make an appointment with you and meet you at a convenient time at your home or office and discuss various options with you.

As a self employed individual, if you are looking to buy a home, perhaps a low doc loan is the best option for you. As an entrepreneur, approach the company to understand the best loan term for expansion finance or factory finance to grow your business. The company also services those looking for loans for commercial property development, unit development and those looking for exemptions from capital gains tax.

A Player in the Larger Financial Niche
Not restricted only to servicing in the area of loan applications and approvals, MacArthur Mortgage Finance is a leading player in larger financial niche. Such services include offering advice on loan consolidation with the right refinancing options and helping businesses with debtor finance solutions to smoothen out their cash flow. Those looking for investment property finance advice will also benefit from association with MacArthur Mortgage Finance. The company is one of the few finance companies that offer assistance in the leasing/ hire purchase type of financing. This particular form of financing allows the borrower to control, posses and use an asset without completely buying it but by paying rent on it in instalments, accounting for depreciation as well as a fixed (or variable ) interest rate over a fixed term. This kind of loan can be a form of car loan (used for purchase of your vehicle) or personal loan or even can be used as equipment finance for your business.

The Unique Strengths of MacArthur Mortgage Finance
The company is headed by Chris Longhurst, a reputed name in financial circles and who has more than 25 years experience in the finance and banking sector. With a formidable team of financial experts and specialists, MacArthur goes the extra mile in getting the best financial deal for you, perfectly suited to your specific circumstances. The company has access to more than 20 lending organizations including major banks as well as private lenders.

All MacArthur services are completely free of cost to the clients. And the mobile service offered by the company means they are available 7 days a week at a time convenient to you. Getting finance for your business and/or personal needs has never been easier.