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Property Investment

Property investment or investment in property advice is always a good option because the Australian real estate market is on the rise again. Whether you want to invest in a unit or a house, an investment property is sure to reward you well in the long run.

We are a reliable property investment advisor helping our clients gain superior and stable returns on their property investment.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Property

Purchase and Maintenance Costs

Investing in units may lower the costs whereas a house will likely involve more expenses. Whatever you buy, make sure you allow for maintenance when calculating your budget.

Budget and Risks

Even though property investment in Australia is generally low risk, buying real estate is always a big decision and every large purchase involves risk.

Consider your budget carefully before settling on a unit/house purchase.


Clearly, suburbs identified as potential growth areas are the best places to invest in so do your research thoroughly. Appreciation of property value will decrease your financial burden in the long run.

Property Investment Finance Options


The mortgage options for investment loans are the same as those for Home Loans.

Interest-Only Finance Option

You only repay the interest on the loan, every month for a fixed term. This can be helpful if the property value increases over time, but that does not always happen.

Values may go down, sometimes dramatically, so this type of loan carries a greater risk. At the end of your contract, you will still owe the entire amount of your loan to the lender.

Home Equity

You can get your home equity evaluated by professional property investment advisors. With positive equity in your current home, you can withdraw funds and invest in an investment property commercial.

Taxation and Depreciation

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows you to claim depreciation on the building and items within, helping you reduce your tax liabilities on the property.

You can also increase your tax deduction by negative gearing your investment property which is formally called investment property tax deductions. The term gearing describes borrowing money for investment.

When the cost of owning the property is higher than the income generated from it, it is termed negative gearing and your tax obligations get reduced to the extent of the shortfall.

To Know more about tax property investment or taxes for investment property contact us. At MacArthur Mortgage Finance, we are committed to serving the best mortgage and business finance options for you.

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